Comunicando likes to tell stories and communicate with all kinds of people and audiences, and is dedicated to the art of writing – sometimes combined with visuals, such as photo and design. We have a broad portfolio of feature journalism, portrait interviews, news articles, web communication, press releases and reports – mainly in Norwegian, but some work is also available in other languages. We love to write engaging and curiously about cultural diversity, urban planning, human rights, the arts and travelling, and we feel particularly pleased when we can present our stories accompanied by our own creative photography.

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Looking for a special photo? Comunicando has specialised in feature photography, often focussing on global arts, cultural diversity and practices and the beauty of nature. If you are looking for images of the Afro Brazilian carnival, capoeira or an alternative Brazil, you will find it in our photo gallery. In our gallery you will also find wonderful moments from the Pilgrimage Walk to Santiago de Compostela in Spain, and a great variety of what’s up at the multicultural arts and festival scene in Norway.

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